I am looking for a good fat burner that will help my lean up?

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Leslie I am with Smith-Bryant Labs and we have a great fat burner. Its called sbl lean. I would love to send you some samples for you to try out. My email is bbarton@smithbryantlabs.com. Send me an address and I will make sure some samples get sent out to you.
If you like the product we offer the body proud organization a discounted price. Body Proud is a great organization that our company is proud to work with. If you have any questions feel free to email at anytime.
Thanks again
Brian Barton
Smith-Bryant Labs
Hi Brian,
that would be great! I need a fat burner that is going to work> I use to use Hydroxut american version years ago and use to cut me up. Im training now to complete in muscle for March. My email is: lshymkowich@yahoo.ca
I would love to try your fat burners.

Thank you
I would like to try this as well, but is there any side effects
My address
CMR 405 BOX 2265
APO,AE 09034
Then only thing worthwhile is the ECA stack, and in some situations, yohimbine


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