Friday the 3rd of July- whole body quickie

I arrived 720 am and went to work on my muscles.
I felt quite "unbuff", I had my last gym workout last Saturday. And I failed to do any running nor lifting weights Mon to Thur.
I decided to do this today:
1. treadmill : brisk walking for 5 minutes
2. Chest incline BB- (both) 20,20,20
3. Machine PLATE chest press-(both) 60
4. Hammer curl (DB both)- 20
5. Leg press machine - 50-60
6. reverse Lat pulldown - 45-50

That would have to do for the day.
I brought my towels, though I didn't bring my toiletries with me. Geez.

I will work out Saturday after I meet Alvin at FORT lunchtime, maybe 12-130, before my meeting for the Fitness case in SVC marketing.

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